Top Free Computer Fighting Games

Games vary

In the gaming world, there are lots of games; some are brand new while others are upgrades of previous versions. Also, some games are meant for play stations only, while other are meant for PCs. Besides, games come as free or are purchased as a whole or part of their upgrades. The following is a list of some of the top free computer fighting games.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8


This game is the final bit of the Play station 2 trilogy of Grand Theft Auto games. The game is played using your thumbs on the right and left side of the screen. This game has got comfortable controls that can be customized. For instance, you can drag buttons to your preferred position on the screen. For smooth playtime, it is advised to use a game controller in windows 8.

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has serviceable graphics that bring out the colors, character models, and draw distance well. Also, it is among the few games that have superb sound system and sound tracks. It has complex voice actors and eleven different radio stations playing different music genres. Both new and veteran gamers will find this game as one of the most fun game to play.

Mortal combat X

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Mortal combat X is famous for its violent, brutal and incredibly gruesome game play. The game has been improved and has more moves that gamers can use to create fatalities on their enemies. In addition, it has got 29 fighters with each fighter having a different combat style and moves. This game is extensive in that you can have up to four hours of single player campaign.

Mortal combat X has different game modes such as Faction Wars and Living Towers with each mode having unique environment and its own set of objects that you can use against your opponent. Besides, this fighting game has got well designed controls, impressive graphics, and a combination of fatality moves.

The Godfather for Pokki

The Godfather for pokki is a free to play fighting game that includes multiplayer mafia strategy. You can download this game to your PC and join one of the five biggest crime families to fight for power on the streets of New York. As the mafia dominance is fading, take charge and battle it out to secure the entire city. While fighting, you will be able to learn the ropes, and consequently build your empire and consequently rile the streets of New York.

This fighting PC game is ideal for gamers who are interested in multiplayer game modes.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: A Quake war is an exciting and action packed war adventure that involves a first person shooter. This game has got useful tips at the top of your PC screen to help you if you are new to the game. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is developed in such a way that it brings the most realistic experience when playing. The sense of realism is quite unique and as such, this game is a must have for those who love FPS and something else apart from endless shooting.

Path of exile


If you love RPG, this game will thrill you! In this game, you as the player wake up in the middle of nowhere on the shores of Wraeclast, a very remote continent. In your search of the other outcasts and for your survival, you pass thorough the dangerous wilderness that has dangerous inhabitants. You fight monsters while you explore underground caves and dungeons for equipment and also in quest for experience. Path of exile has a randomly generated game play area hence it never gets boring each time you restart.

Modern combat 5: Blackout for windows 8

This game allows up to 12 players at a time and has all the FPS game types such as capture the flag, death match, and free-for-all. This is a big advantage because by joining your friends for a fight, you will utilize the squad feature. Also, it has a game play that gives you upgrades such as helicopters and sentry guns once you manage a kill streak.

Besides, the characters in this game look detailed and also fluid in their animation. Also, it has got high-quality sound effects such as tires screeching. Modern Combat 5: is a very entertaining game.

The list is endless….

There is lots of other top free computer fighting games in the console portals. For instance the WWE 2K15 is available on consoles. The kind of fighting game you love depends on personal preferences and also how easy you grasp it technicalities.

There's really nothing like fighting games. You can experience the kinds of thrills that you wouldn't even want to experience in real life on fighting game consoles, and you can get the sort of rush that you'd almost never get anywhere else. You don't have to look very far in order to find all of the right fighting games today, either.

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